Mobile applications

We are constantly striving to develop educational mobile applications and services on various platforms, and make them available on various mobile app stores.

BuildmLearn Toolkit

Get it on Google Play BuildmLearn Toolkit app is an easy-to-use app that helps teachers create mobile applications without any technical knowledge of coding / development. This app helps creating mobile application with various functionality and allows teachers to input their custom content.

BuildmLearn Toolkit

Targeted at teachers, this toolkit helps them make learning fun and engaging through mobile apps.

The current version of app contains four templates that the teachers can use:
1) Basic mLearning
2) Quiz Time
3) Learn Spellings and
4) Flash Cards.

Label the Diagram

Get it on Google Play Label The Diagram presents diagrams to the user on various topics of Science, Physics and Biology. This application is targeted at students who wish to study diagrams.

Label The Diagram

The applications has two modes:
1) Diagram test
2) Lessons.

The diagrams available in the application are as follows:

  • Biology: Human Body includes Human eye, Human heart; Human ear, Plants include Plant cell; Plant Flower, Micro-organisms include Bacteria, Virus
  • Physics: Optics include Refraction Of Prism, Refraction of Lens, Light of Spectrum; Electricity includes Electric Motor, Dry Cell, Electric Circuit
  • Science: Sky includes Solar System, Sky Patterns; Natural Cycles include Water Cycle and Carbon Cycle

Learn from Map

Get it on Google Play ‘Learn from Map’ is an educative game that teaches geography in a fun way. This application is intended at school going kids who study geography. The kids get to use an interactive and colorful map to answer questions by pinning relevant geographical regions on the Map.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 8.26.34 pm

The application allows to select a continent first and then presents questions based on the selection. Each time different questions are presented and the kids who play a continent repeatedly can get learn more about it every time.

Tell the Time

Get it on Google Play‘Tell the Time’ is an educational game that teaches kids about the basic concepts of time (both analog and digital) much quickly and in a fun way. If your kid is just starting to learn about clock and time – this game is for you!

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 8.28.43 pm

The game comes with two levels. The first level presents an interactive analog clock where the kids can play around with the clock hands to adjust the clock to a given time. The second level shows various graphics about different times in a day (for example, morning, afternoon, night) and let’s the kids guess what time it could be.