BuildmLearn is a group of volunteers who collaborate to promote m-Learning with the specific aim of creating open source tools and enablers for teachers and students. The group is involved in developing easy to use m-Learning solutions, tool-kits and utilities for teachers (or parents) and students that help facilitate learning.

BuildmLearn Toolkit is an open source project and is hosted on Github:

If you are a developer interested to work on open source projects, feel free to peep into our code at github or join us to work on our project ideas.

Joining our google group and introducing yourself is the best first step to get involved with the community!

We are a developing community at BuildmLearn – this summer we are always open to give chance to students to join us and work on BuildmLearn projects.

In 2013, we held the Season on BuildmLearn program – a community outreach program – where students can participate and work with our seasoned developers. The students were guided and mentored individually and we had a pleasant experience.

Read more about Season of BuildmLearn 2013 and our experience by reading the following blog posts.