Google Summer of Code 2015 Student Projects

Solid 3 months of coding and it’s a wrap for Google Summer of Code (2015 Edition). This summer we had 6 students working for us and it has been a great productive summer for our projects. Many of our annual organizational software development goals have been met with this summer itself.

For those who are unfamiliar with the program, Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers students stipends to write code for open source projects. Through this program, Google works with open source community to identify and fund exciting projects for the upcoming summer. Many open source projects like ours really benefit from this initiative of Google. Not only do we get large number of university students interested to work on our projects during summer; we also gain new long term contributors and project maintainers.

Student Projects

Below is the gist of what our students have been working on this summer:

Akila Sandakelum worked on one of our new educational apps viz. Label the Diagram. With this mobile application, we aim to help students to study ‘diagrams’ from various subjects like Science, Physics and Biology. The application presents diagrams to the user on various subject topics. The user can select the subject and diagram of his choice and either study it or test his knowledge by labelling it. The application also includes gamification aspects like score and badges to make things more interesting. The application is being prepared for a launch in the Google Play store, the source code is available here:

Main Menu DiagramSelection Menu DiagramPlay

Abhishek Batra has been putting his best of his Android Development skills to develop the android version of BuildmLearn Toolkit. The BuildmLearn Toolkit app on Android will allow teachers to create apps for their students using custom study material on their android phones itself. We believe this is a huge step in increasing the reach of the toolkit to people who do not have access to a personal computer. The BuildmLearn Toolkit app would soon be available on Google Play store, the source code is available here:

Vignesh Prasad worked on the Practice handwriting application for Android devices. This mobile application is helpful to children who are learning how to write, by allowing them to practice their handwriting skills. The application presents letters & words allowing kids to trace them. Feedback is given instantaneously when the trace is going wrong. As studies indicate, kids are more likely to spend more time practicing this on smartphone / tablets when compared to pen and paper. The application would soon be available on Google Play store, the source code is available here:


Srujan Jha has been working on BuildmLearn App store for Android and Windows Phone mobile devices. BuildmLearn store is a app store where teachers can submit mobile applications created using BuildmLearn Toolkit. Anyone using the the BuildmLearn store has access to all published applications. Thus, the store is a distribution medium for apps created using the BuildmLearn Toolkit. The store application would soon be available on Google Play store, the source code is available here:

Mohit D has been working on Android application to measure sensor data. He has been putting together a framework to capture and visualize data from various mobile sensors. Aimed at researchers, this app scans the device for all the sensors available and allows users to visualize data generated from the selected sensor. A lot of work has been put into the app this summer and we plan to release a beta version of the application soon. The source code is available here:

Pulkit Gupta has been working on adding some amazing application templates to the desktop version of the toolkit. As we conclude this summer of code, the toolkit would also offer the following templates:

1) Video Collection 2) Comprehension 3) Dictation and 4) Match the following.

The toolkit with the above template would be available as a beta version in the next couple of days. The source code is available here:

Thank you, Google!

We are really thankful to Google for giving us this amazing opportunity to participate in the 2015 edition of GSoC. It has been an amazing and productive summer for BuildmLearn. We were able to take many of our projects to the next level and attract many new contributors!

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