BuildmLearn Toolkit (v1.0.0) now available!

Finally, we have a new version of the BuildmLearn Toolkit releasing today. We intended to make this release before the end of this year and here it is. Thanks to all the contributors who made this possible!

The earlier version (0.9) of BuildmLearn Toolkit was made available to teachers for trial for about 9 months. Based on their feedback and the comments generated on our Google Group, we have several updates.

The major updates for version 1.0.0 are as follows,

  • Added options to save and load applications. Many teachers asked us to add options to save the application that they were building so that they can work on it over a period of time. We prioritized this request and now teachers can save their ‘work in progress’ apps and work on them at a later time. The app files are saved with an extension ‘.buildmlearn’.
  • New template for flashcards introduced. This template allows to create apps as a collection of flashcards. The simulator is also available to preview apps before generating the apps for this template. The idea for this template was contributed on our Google group by Ashmita Nigam (thanks!).
  • Added toolbar for easy access of important options. This was one of the tasks for our Season of BuildmLearn program and now it’s integrated into the released.
  • Bug fixes for the existing templates and overall improvement in the usability of the Toolkit.

You can download the latest version of the toolkit here. Please post your feedback and suggestions to our Google group.

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