A successful end to Season of BuildmLearn 2013

Finally, we have come to the end of the 2013 edition of  Season of BuildmLearn. We had three students along with their mentors working on this program. Each week mentors would assign appropriate tasks mainly in the areas of coding and user research that the students were expected to carry out through the week. Of course, the students could also reach out to the mentors whenever they had any difficulties with their activities.

With the help of this program, we, the BuildmLearn community, were able to achieve the following:

  • On the software development front, we were able to complete many of the items the on the ‘Ideas page’, something that we had set up in the beginning of  the year to generate more ideas on the toolkit
  • We carried out user research activities with the help of interested participants. This got us more feedback on the existing state of the toolkit from teachers (especially on the subject of ‘which new templates should be added to the toolkit’).
  • The program prepared us more than ever, to welcome any new contributors to the community. Pointing them to our resources and where they can get help, documentations – code level and user guides, have gone through a thorough use. They have been added / modified as the situation demanded.
  • The community got  the exposure and experience of working with young undergrad students.  As an observation our mentors noted that once the students get it, they leave no stone unturned to finish their assignments.
  • We were able to generate interest about our app through some (unintential) word of mouth marketing from students. Now more educators know about the BuildmLearn toolkit.

Our experience with Season of BuildmLearn has certainly been productive and brought us a step closer to our aspirations for the toolkit.  We would like to thank the students and mentors who participated and gave their precious time to this open source program. Looking forward to next year’s edition!

Until next time!

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