Announcing Season of BuildmLearn 2013

In our efforts to develop an open source community at BuildmLearn we are planning to give college students a chance to join us and work on BuildmLearn projects. Named as the Season of BuildmLearn 2013, selected students will work hands on with the BuildmLearn projects and be a part of our team during their summer vacations.

Our inbox  is open for participation in this program. Submitting your code to an open source project is valuable to have in your resume. To apply to the program, read the details below and then click here.

We are currently working on the BuildmLearn Toolkit – to know more and try the toolkit – click here.

What is Season of BuildmLearn?

Season of BuildmLearn (SoB) is a community outreach program hosted by the BuildmLearn community. It is meant for students of Computer Science or Information Technology (engineering or applications)  and who are interested in working on open source projects.

By participating in this program students have an opportunity to contribute to a potential open source project – BuildmLearn Toolkit. The program helps interested students to gain experience by working on BuildmLearn projects at an international level. It fosters values of innovation, collaboration, learning on the job and familiarizing oneself with the rhythms and processes of software development.

All selected students would be allowed to work on BuildmLearn projects (project ideas available here). They would be assigned mentors who would supervise their work and make sure they are productive.


Any student with an engineering background or interested in software development can apply to participate in this program. If you apply to participate to work on software development ideas, we expect you to be ‘really’ interested in programming. You must be familiar with either C++/Java languages. Previous experience in projects involving mobile application development or desktop application development is valued. Our project mainly requires work on Qt (C++) and mobile applications on different platforms.

Besides software development, we also have many project ideas which require a special skillset of user research and user experience (UX/UI) design. For these project ideas, we are looking for students with a background in Design, User research, Human-Computer Interaction or Psychology.

Other than this, we have some project tasks like testing (reporting bugs and enhancements) and documentation. For these tasks we are also looking for students interested in product QA / testing and content creation and copy writing.


This program is typically for the duration of 3 months. The program begins on 17 June until 17 September.

Please fill the application form available here:

The application period starts on 8 June 2013 and the last date for submitting your applications is 15 June 2013. All students who have applied to the program would be intimated on 16 June 2013.

Please feel free to write back and communicate with us, we’ll be happy to help you get started and answer any questions you may have.

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