BuildmLearn Toolkit (v0.9) now available!

And it’s here! Today we are very happy to release the first version of the BuildmLearn Toolkit (v0.9).

The BuildmLearn Toolkit allows educators to create mobile applications without any technical knowledge of mobile application development. The toolkit comprises of various templates which educators can use to customise their learning content.

In our first version of the toolkit we are presenting two templates – 1) The ‘Info Template’ and 2) The ‘Quiz / Test Template’. Based on our pilot research conducted earlier with the toolkit prototype, we found that these two templates are the most asked for.

The Info template allows users to create a basic application with a variety of learning content. It presents a list view for all the topics that the teacher may want to cover and a detailed view for each topic. The detailed view can contain a large amount of content, as much as the teacher wishes to cover.

The Quiz / Test template is more interesting since it involves a ramification aspect. The teacher can create a test out of the Quiz template for the topic desired. Multiple choices are provided and the student needs to select the correct answer. If the incorrect answer is selected the correct answer is shown. The student is allowed to take the test repeatedly so that he can practice when not in the classroom.

To use the template, the teacher has to start with any one of the above templates. He/ she will then be asked to add content for these templates. There is no limit as such to the amount of content a teacher can add to the application. Once the teacher has added content for the application, he can use the simulator to see a preview of the application. The simulator provides an interactive preview of the application i.e. the teacher can basically use the application on the simulator as it works on the phone. We tried to make the experience of the simulator as similar to the phone as we could. If necessary, the teacher can edit his content after the simulator preview.

Once ready, the teacher can press the ‘Generate application’ button and the application installation file would be generated. The teacher can then distribute the installation file to the students by various means (email, dropbox, memory stick etc.) and the students can install the apps on their phone. That’s it. No coding required.. No developer tools required to be installed.

We hope to get some teachers who use the toolkit actively and hope it is useful to them. The BuildmLearn toolkit can be downloaded from here.

The next steps for our developer community is to work towards creating various useful templates for the toolkit. If you are a teacher and you have ideas on how we can improve the toolkit and what features we should add, please let us know.

PS: If you are a developer and wish to work with us on this open source project, please join the BuildmLearn google group and let us know you’re interested!

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