BuildmLearn Toolkit – the concept

We are a bunch of people, a mix of developers, researchers and designers, who have been discussing to work on projects related to Education. During the last couple of months, we have been attending several conferences and workshops related to education – various learning channels, language learning, mobile learning, etc. We had several brainstorming sessions that generated a lot of ideas.

BuildmLearn Toolkit is one such idea that we have decided unanimously to go ahead with. ‘Learning on the mobile’ is making some buzz in the industry, however with an initial research we conducted we found that very few or hardly any teachers use mobile learning for their students. One of the major reasons for this is that educators / teachers are not equipped with tools and skills to create mobile learning content for their students. Also, generally, the teachers are too busy with teaching their courses, that they don’t get enough time to get some formal training on mobile application development. This is the problem we thought we should try to solve.

It wasn’t easy to pick a name for the project, we had to go back and forth several times to make sure that we chose a name that we are completely happy with! As the name suggests – BuildmLearn – represents ‘Building Mobile Learning’. In essence, what we are aiming to develop is a toolkit which helps educators to move towards and adapt mLearning for their students, without much hassles. With the toolkit, educators would be able to create mobile applications for various devices (phones, as well as tablets) with their customised learning content without any technical knowledge about mobile application development.

That’s the intent of our group and we plan to start development this very week. One important decision that we have taken is to make the BuildmLearn Tookit freely available to everyone who wishes to use it.  We have also decided to make the source code of the Toolkit open source, since we want others to be able to join and contribute to the project as well.

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