BuildmLearn is a group of volunteers who collaborate to promote m-Learning with the specific aim of creating open source tools and enablers for teachers and students. The group is involved in developing easy to use m-Learning solutions, tool-kits and utilities for teachers (or parents) and students that help facilitate learning. The group comprises several like minded members of a wider community who collaborate to participate in a community building process.

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What is the BuildmLearn Toolkit?

The BuildmLearn Toolkit is an easy-to-use program that helps users make mobile apps without any knowledge of application development. The toolkit helps creating mobile application with various functionality and allows teachers to input their custom content. Targeted at teachers, this program helps them make learning fun and engaging through mobile apps. You can download the toolkit here.

How is the toolkit helpful?

Mobile phone applications are a great tool for learning as they provide an interactive classroom experience for students. However most teachers lack knowledge in mobile application development and are unable to tap the potential of mobile applications for teaching. BuildmLearn Toolkit provides the bridge that enables teachers to use mobile applications as teaching aids.


  • Easy-to-use toolkit for teachers to design and develop apps for students
  • Helps teachers make their learning content interactive
  • Teachers can create any number of applications in a variety of templates including various functionality. The toolkit provides immediate assessment and feedback
  • Application development or programming knowledge is not required
  • The toolkit includes a simulator which gives an interactive and real time preview of the application
  • It also helps customize the learning content for individuals rather than large classrooms
  • The toolkit is free to use and make learning fun and interactive for the students

Download the BuildmLearn Toolkit here create learning applications for your students.